100 Facts

I’ve seen other bloggers do these, so why not? 😀

001. I am scared of three things; spiders, clowns, and abandonment.

002. I loathe politics and discussing politics. I am a center-right libertarian. I vote quietly and go about my business, more or less.

003. As opposed to politics, I LOVE discussing religion. I’m a (future) convert to Judaism. I will never argue maliciously.

004. I believe that Loyalty and Honestly are the two most important aspects in a friendship.

005. I started blogging in 2001. I used to be a lot better at it, haha. Hey, if you have a Livejournal, please feel free to add me, even though my posts are…sparse. I deleted all 300-ish of my friends years ago so it’s a bit lonely :B I also have a dreamwidth.

006. I adore music and have an obscenely large MP3 collection. Napster ruined me x_x I love making playlists and foisting my musical taste on other people.

007. I have Autistic Spectrum Disorder, which is a Pervasive Developmental Disorder. It has affected my life in many ways, good AND bad. I’ll never be able to live alone, probably never be in a relationship or get married. I still haven’t fully accepted this, but guess I know my limitations.

008. I am very much a “stuff” person. I love knick knacks and tchotchkes. Antique stores are like catnip, man. :O

009. I’ve been drawing since I can remember. Mom tells me I drew a “perfect human hand” at the age of four, but I kind of doubt it was that good! Moms are biased lol

010. I collect Funko Pops. I only buy my favorite characters, though, because they take up more space than you’d think. My first Pop was Mikasa Ackerman 😀

011. In TV shows, my favorite characters always seem to be the severely morally-compromised antiheroes. For example; Dexter Morgan (Dexter), Walter White (Breaking Bad), and most recently, Raymond Reddington (The Blacklist). I’ll be watching a show and shout “OMG WHY’D YOU DO THAT, ARE YOU STUPID?” and in the same breath “I love this jerk!”.

012. I love to swim.

013. I’m fascinated by language. Words. Etymology. Also, I just like pretty words. :B

014. I’m addicted to Ice Cubes gum. Any kind but cinnamon.

015. I used to make an online comic. It died because I couldn’t commit, AND I suck at writing ;_; I think I banged out all of 17 pages, but the reactions I got were very positive. Even received some fanart! I always wondered if I should give it another go, but I still suck at writing :B

016. I’m an INTP (the Logician) and Enneagram type 4.

017. On the week I was most likely conceived, the number one movie & song were Ghostbusters and When Doves Cry.

018. I really miss my Sega Genesis and Dreamcast!

019. I got to visit NYC in July of 2001 for my birthday. It was a -massive- culture shock, but the bagels there were SUPER, and I got to see Rocky Horror on Broadway. I would like to go back someday, but I definitely could not live there. I still dream of the bagels.

020. One of my friends nearly killed me with a baby corn when we were 14. I’m just going to leave it at that to keep an air of mystery XD

021. To be continued…