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 *N SYNC: Tearin' Up My Heart:  Aladdin: A Whole New World:  Backstreet Boys: Everybody (Backstreet's Back):  Backstreet Boys: Larger Than Life:  Beauty and the Beast: Be Our Guest:  Beyonce ft. Jay Z: Crazy in Love:  BoA - Duvet:  Collective Soul: Heavy:  Depeche Mode: Enjoy the Silence:  Dir en Grey: Cage:  Hal ft. Gillian Anderson: Extremis:  Hamasaki Ayumi: A Song For XX:  Henley, Don: Boys of Summer:  Linkin Park: In the End:  Lion King: Hakuna Matata:  Little Mermaid: Part of Your World:  Loreena McKennitt: The Mummer's Dance:  MALICE MIZER: Syunikiss:  McKennitt, Loreena: The Highwayman:  Metallica: Nothing Else Matters:  Michael Jackson: Billie Jean:  Michael Jackson: Smooth Criminal:  Michael Jackson: Thriller:  Nightwish: Nemo:  Nine Inch Nails: Closer:  Phantom of the Opera: The Phantom of the Opera:  Queen: Bohemian Rhapsody:  Queen: Crazy Little Thing Called Love:  Rasputina: Transylvanian Concubine:  Rocky Horror Picture Show: The Time Warp:  Shimamiya Eiko: Higurashi no naku Koro ni:  Simon & Garfunkel: Sound of Silence:  Spears, Britney: Baby One More Time:  Spears, Britney: Oops, I Did it Again:  Spears, Britney: Toxic:  t.A.T.u.: All The Things She Said.:  Williams, Pharell: Happy:  X-Japan: Crucify My Love:

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