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 A Nightmare on Elm St series:  Alien:  Alien series:  Alien: Covenant:  American Psycho:  Austenland:  Austin Powers series:  Batman:  Batman movies:  Birdcage, The:  Bram Stoker's Dracula:  Braveheart:  Buffy the Vampire Slayer:  Cabaret:  Candyman:  Carrie:  Child's Play:  Child's Play series:  Children of the Corn:  Children of the Corn series:  Clueless:  Conjuring, The:  Craft, The:  Cruel Intentions:  Da Vinci Code, The:  Dawn of the Dead:  Dawn of the Dead (2004):  Deadpool:  Descent, The:  Devils Advocate, The:  Dune:  Duplex:  Edward Scissorhands:  Evolution:  Fifth Element, The:  Final Destination:  Final Destination series:  Forgetting Sarah Marshall:  Freddy vs. Jason:  Friday the 13th:  Friday the 13th (2009):  Friday the 13th series:  From Beyond (1986):  From Hell:  Genre: Asian Horror:  Genre: Drama:  Genre: Horror:  Genre: Science Fiction:  Genre: Silent:  Genre: Slasher:  Genre: Steampunk:  Ghost Ship:  Ginger Snaps series:  Gremlins 1 & 2:  Halloween:  Halloween series:  Heathers:  Hellboy:  Hellraiser:  Hellraiser II: Hellbound:  Hellraiser III: Hell on Earth:  Hellraiser IV: Bloodline:  Hellraiser series:  Hook:  Hot Chick, The:  House On Haunted Hill (1999):  Hunger Games series:  Hunger Games, The:  I Know What You Did Last Summer:  Independence Day (1996):  Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade:  Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark:  Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom:  Indiana Jones series:  Interview with the Vampire:  It Follows:  Jaws:  Jeepers Creepers:  Ju-On:  Jumanji:  Jurassic Park series:  Librarian, The: Curse of the Judas Chalice:  Librarian, The: Quest for the Spear:  Librarian, The: Return to King Solomon's Mines:  Little Shop of Horrors:  Lord of the Rings series:  Lost Boys:  Love Actually:  Man in the Iron Mask:  Marley & Me:  Matrix, The:  Mean Girls:  Meet the Parents & Meet the Fockers:  Men in Black:  Metropolis:  Monty Python's Life of Brian:  Moulin Rouge:  Mummy, The (1999):  My Best Friend's Wedding:  Nightbreed:  Ninth Gate, The:  Office Space:  Pacific Rim:  Pet Sematary:  Phantom of the Opera, The (2004):  Pirates of the Caribbean series:  Pitch Black (2000):  Pretty in Pink:  Princess Bride, The:  Prometheus:  Psycho (1960):  Queen of the Damned:  Re-Animator (1985):  Red Dragon:  Redeye:  Resident Evil series:  Ring, The (2002):  Robin Hood: Men In Tights:  Rocky Horror Picture Show:  Romy & Michele's High School Reuinion:  Rosemary's Baby:  SAW series:  Schindler's List:  Scream series:  Sentinel, The (1977):  Shaun of the Dead:  Shining, The (1980):  Silence of the Lambs:  Silent Hill:  Single White Female:  Spaceballs:  Speed:  Spiderman series:  Star Wars series:  Stargate:  Strangers, The:  Strictly Ballroom:  Texas Chain Saw Massacre series:  Titanic:  Twister:  Vampire Books, Movies, TV Shows:  White Chicks:  Wicker Man, The (1973):  Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory:  Zoolander:

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