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 AHS 1.01 - "Pilot":  AHS 1.02 - "Home Invasion":  AHS 1.03 - "Murder House":  AHS 1.04 - "Halloween pt 1":  AHS 1.05 - "Halloween pt 2":  AHS 1.06 - "Piggy Piggy":  AHS Coven Ep2 "Boy Parts":  AHS Coven Ep6 "The Axeman Cometh":  AHS Hotel Ep1 "Checking In":  AHS Hotel Ep12 "Be Our Guest":  AHS Hotel Ep2 "Devil's Night":  AHS Hotel Ep8 "The Ten Commandments Killer":  CSI 11.04 "Skweegel":  Lucy Does A TV Commercial:  X-Files 02.23 "Soft Light":  X-Files 03.06 "2Shy":  X-Files 1x01 "Pilot":  X-Files 1x03 "Squeeze":  X-Files 1x08 "Ice":  X-Files 1x14 "Gender Bender":  X-Files 1x20 "Darkness Falls":  X-Files 1x21 "Tooms":  X-Files 2x02 "The Host":  X-Files 2x03 "Blood":  X-Files 3x04 "Clyde Bruckman's Final Repose":  X-Files 4x05 "The Field Where I Died":  X-Files 4x13 "Never Again":  X-Files 4x14 "Memento Mori":  X-Files 5x02 "Redux II":  X-Files 6x03 "Triangle":  X-Files 6x04 & 05 "Dreamland I & 2":  X-Files 6x06 "How the Ghosts Stole Christmas":  X-Files 7x17 "All Things":

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