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 AHS Coven: Madame Delphine LaLaurie:  AHS Coven: Marie Laveau:  AHS Hotel: Hypodermic Sally:  AHS Hotel: Liz Taylor:  AHS Hotel: The Countess:  BtVS: Angel:  BtVS: Buffy Summers:  BtVS: Rupert Giles:  BtVS: Spike:  BtVS: Willow Rosenberg:  BtVS: Willow Rosenberg (Vampire):  BtVS: Xander Harris:  Characters: [+] Villains:  Dexter: Dexter Morgan:  Firefly: Kaylee Frye:  Firefly: Malcolm Reynolds:  Firefly: River Tam:  Firefly: Zoe Washburne:  House: Gregory House:  I Love Lucy: Lucy Ricardo:  I Love Lucy: Ricky Ricardo:  MacGuyver: MacGuyver:  Mama's Family: Thelma Harper:  Mary Tyler Moore: Mary Richards:  Mary Tyler Moore: Rhoda Morgenstern:  Mary Tyler Moore: Sue Ann Nivens:  Mighty Boosh: Naboo:  Mighty Boosh: Vince Noir:  Penny Dreadful: Vanessa Ives:  Penny Dreadful: Victor Frankenstein:  Psych: Burton Guster:  Psych: Shawn Spencer:  Pysch: Carlton Lassiter:  Supernatural: Bobby Singer:  Supernatural: Castiel:  Supernatural: Crowley:  Supernatural: Dean Winchester:  Supernatural: John Winchester:  Supernatural: Lucifer:  Supernatural: Sam Winchester:  X-Files, The: Cigarette Smoking Man:  X-Files, The: Dana Scully:  X-Files, The: Fox Mulder:

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