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July 10th, 2017
The My Dying Bride fanlisting has been moved to Andi's domain, whom I now co-own it with! :D

I'm also very excited that I was approved for the Inu Yasha Kanketsu-hen (Inu Yasha: The Final Act) fanlisting at AFL! Even though Inuyasha/Final Act is one of my absolute favorite anime series, I have yet to make a fanlisting for any related thing.

And here is what I've applied for recently:

Movies: From Beyond, Re-Animator
Episodes: The X-Files - season two, episode twenty three "Soft Light"
Bands/Groups: Coil, Hookworms
Music Miscellany: Shoegaze
Places: North Carolina
Nature: Pleiades
Literature: Steampunk (cross-listed in Movies & TV Shows as well)

Guess I can delete the bit at the top of the page about kicking myself for letting the original Steampunk fanlisting go back in 2004! :D
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Posted on 10 Jul 2017 by riho

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